Friday, June 30, 2017

Vitamin/Mineral Pamphlets

For our inquiry, we have been learning about what makes fruit and vegetables good for us. We have been learning about some vitamins and minerals. We are all in different groups and each group has been learning about one vitamin or mineral. 

Our groups are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C and Calcium.

We have been learning about each of our vitamins/mineral. We have been doing lots of writing about what we have been learning and we have turned some of our writing into pamphlets! We will be showing them at the Food Tasting Festival that we are having at the end of the term.

Vitamin C by Delontaye

Calcium by Chicago

Calcium by Dontay

Vitamin A by Azariah

Vitamin A by I'olani

Vitamin B1 by Prosyden

Vitamin B1 by Phoenix

Vitamin B1 by Reihaneh

Vitamin C by Sterling

Vitamin B1 by Lolita

Calcium by Angellynah

Vitamin C by Sofele

Vitamin A by Viliamu

Vitamin A by Elisiva

Calcium by Danielle

Vitamin B1 by Sarah

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