Saturday, April 1, 2017

Creek Posters

We have been learning about responsibilities and we have responsibilities at home and at school and also in the world. This is things like looking after the environment.

We need to look after the creek and after all the rubbish we picked up, Room 2 thought about how we could help other people to not throw their rubbish in the creek. We decided we would make posters.

We drew nice pictures of the creek that we went over with vivid. We coloured our pictures in with pastels then went over them with dye.

Pick up your rubbish - Lolita
Keep our creek clean - Azariah
Keep our creek clean - Sofele
Pick up your rubbish - Elisiva
Put your rubbish in the rubbish bin - Sarah
Pick up your rubbish - Ralphina
Keep our creek clean - Delontaye
Put your rubbish in the bin - Danielle
Pick up your rubbish - Jahna
Pick up your rubbish - Dontay
Put your rubbish in the bin - I'olani

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  1. Hey miss park fe'ao here and I like there poster that they made it is velly cool and awsome and tell siva I said hi to her godbye!!!!


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