Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Creek Dance

Room 2 have made a dance about things that are in the creek. We choreographed it ourselves which means we made up the dance moves.

We learnt about different levels - low level, middle level and high level. When the music changed we had to change levels.

We made our own costume headbands.

Some of us are eels. The eels move like eels would move through the creek. Some of us are plants in the water. The plants can't move around like eels but we sway and move our arms like plants would move in the water. Some of us are rocks. Rocks can't move like eels and plants but we listen for the music change and we change levels and shapes when the music changes.

Room 2's Creek Dance - We hope you enjoy watching it!

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  1. Hello room 2,

    I enjoyed watching you all dancing and moving in different ways to match the theme.
    I would love to teach some of these dance moves to my students.


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