Saturday, March 4, 2017

Creek Visit

This term our Inquiry is Te Taiao o Tamaki which means The Environment of Tamaki. We have been learning about the environment. The evironment is everything around us. This week we went to our local creek with our buddy class.

We saw lots of different things and our buddies looked after us and told us about pollution, which is when things that are not good for the environment is in the environment. We walked around the creek and talked about things we could see, hear, feel and smell. We also saw some rubbish and Miss Park found a driver's licence! We decided to come back and pick up some rubbish next time.

We have been writing recounts for writing and we wrote about our creek visit. Here is some of our recounts about going to the creek.

I went to the creek. I saw water. - 
I went to the creek and I saw a driver's licence. - I'olani
I went to the creek a driver's licence. - Chicago
I went to the creek. - Ralphina
I went to the creek and I saw a tree. - Delontaye
I went to the creek and I felt grass. I saw a tree. - Danielle

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