Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fruit Kebabs

We are learning to write about recounts in writing. A recount is when you write about something that happened.

Today we made fruit kebabs so that we can write about it! 

Making our fruit kebabs:

Terii putting a purple grape on his fruit kebab

Elisiva helps Jahna put a blueberry on her fruit kebab

We talked about how we made our fruit kebabs, what we did first, then, next. We talked about the different fruit that we liked and the fruit we put on our fruit kebabs. We came up with some great words to talk about our fruit - sweet, sour, juicy, soft, crunchy and also how the marshmallows were chewy. We talked about the different colours of our fruit and we counted how many of each fruit we put on our kebabs too.

Talking to our friends about our fruit kebabs

Eating our fruit kebabs

Our fruit kebabs were delicious!

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