Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Maniakalani Film Festival - Earthquake

In Term 3 we were learning about Natural Disasters. Room 2 made a movie about what to do in an earthquake.

We pretended that there was a real earthquake and we acted out what you should do. Paul and Esile were our news anchors and Perry was our field reporter and he interviewed some students about what the earthquake was like.

We learnt about what to do if there is an earthquake and you are inside and what do you if you are outside and then we put it into our movie.

We hope you enjoy our movie!


  1. Hello room 2 my name is Litia. I really loved your guys video it is joyful to watch you guys are wonderful students. Stay like that. Your Gus video is wonderful.

  2. Ka pai, Room 2!
    What a fantastic movie! You are such a great team showing your learning through actions so beautifully. I admire your courage and hard work. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Room 2! We are Room 5 from Ruapotaka School. This is a great movie to show people what to do in an earthquake. Have you ever experienced real earthquake?

  4. Greetings room 2, Good demonstration of what to do in a earthquake. We think anyone can learn from you. Wonderful work!

  5. Kia Ora room 2, My name is Indira,

    I enjoy that the children in this film are very cute which makes brings the audiences attention. We also recently had a earthquake drill which went quite well.What inspired you to do the film like a news scene??

    Thank you - 😊

  6. Kia ora Tamaki Primary. I enjoyed that you guys taught us about earthquakes. I could relate because my class has recently done a drill about earthquakes. What do you think that you guys could of improved on? Keep up the amazing work! 10/10.

  7. Kia Ora room 2,My name is Ana
    Your movie was really appealing and interesting. You guys made a great demonstration of a earthquake. What was your favourite part of scene? We did a shake out drill where we practice for a earthquake.

  8. Kia orana Tamaki Primary School
    My name is Grace and friends Hope,Callum and Zion and we want to thank you for awesome tips when a earthquake is happening and we should be safe.
    It reminded us of a earthquake in Christchurch.
    maybe next time you could add more information in the slideshow it

  9. Kia Ora, thank you for making a video for us. We enjoyed watching NTV News! We liked the characters.

    From Stonefields School, Hub 10


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